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Molecular Diagnostic Test

  1. HBV DNA Quantitative Test
  2. HIV RNA Quantitative Test
  3. Quantiferon TB Gold Plus Test

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HBV DNA Quantitative Test

Hepatitis B Virus DNA Quantitative PCR Blood Test is used to detect the presence of Hepatitis B virus DNA (HBV DNA) in the blood. This test helps to distinguish active from an inactive infection in Hepatitis B chronic infected individuals. It also helps to monitor and evaluate the treatment response in individuals receiving anti-viral treatment.

HIV RNA Quantitative Test

This test helps doctors to follow what's happening with infection, how well treatment is working, and guide treatment choices. HIV viral load predicts how fast the disease will progress, while other tests, like the CD4 count, indicate how much damage the virus has already caused.

HCV RNA Quantitative Test

The quantitative HCV RNA PCR test is used to get a reading of the amount of HCV in the blood at any given time. In most cases, the quantitative test has replaced the qualitative test. This is because knowing and understanding the viral load is a crucial step in the treatment process. The viral load is the amount of actual viral particles in the bloodstream. The HCV RNA PCR test finds this number by detecting how much genetic material is present in a small amount of blood. The measurements are calculated to match the standard reading, which is the number of international units per liter, written as IU/L.

HCV Genotyping Test

A genotype is a way to put the hepatitis C virus (HCV) into categories based on similar genes. It’s important to know and understand HCV genotypes because different genotypes respond differently to medicines that treat and cure HCV.

Quantiferon TB Gold Plus Test

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus (QFT-Plus) is a simple blood test that aids in the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria which causes tuberculosis (TB). You can improve your TB testing by switching from the TB skin test (Tuberculin Skin Test, also known as the Mantoux or PPD test) to QFT-Plus (1): Higher sensitivity at >95% Highest specificity of any test for TB infection Innovative CD8+ T cell technology